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• The vehicle must have enough towing capacity. As a first approximation we must estimate a vehicle can tow a trailer weighing up to half the weight of the first, including passengers and cargo trunk.

• Check tire pressure the towing vehicle according to the load conditions and the manufacturer, and verify that the hitch meets the requirements of the legislation.

• According to traffic law, the following distance between vehicles must be at least 2 seconds. In the case of towing a trailer or camper, this distance should not be less than 4 seconds, while it must add one second for every three meters along the towed vehicle. This is to compensate for the increased stopping distance, you need a vehicle with trailer.

• Keep the vehicle well adhered to the right, to facilitate overtaking other vehicles.

• Note that it is not allowed to carry more than a trailer or motor home at a time.

• Do not forget that vary speed limits when driving with a trailer.

• Be prepared for possible overtaking of trucks or buses, because the air turbulence caused by its passage may destabilize the whole.

• It is recommended not to change lanes unnecessarily. If you have to, give advance notice signals the maneuver, constantly observing the transit through the rearview mirrors.

• At forward, remember the length and weight of the drive train. Retaking the lane after completing the maneuver, making sure there is no danger.

• Remember that the wheels of the towed unit not follow the path of the automobile, which is why when cornering must be increased turning radius to prevent the trailer wheels off the road.

• Avoid, if possible setbacks, as it is a difficult maneuver. It should be noted that when you turn the steering wheel to the right, the trailer will move to the left and vice versa. For certain maneuvers is prudent to require outside help to control it helps that they often turn professional.


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