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These mirrors combine two technologies:

  • silicon carbide (SiC) Boostec ®;
  • and the unique expertise of optoSiC ® in optical techniques and laser scanning in the manufacture of components.

Benefits and Applications

Mersen manufactures scanning mirrors high performance laser scanner 10 to 300 mm aperture and with a wide range of optical coatings.

The sintered SiC is the base material for light and agile mirrors:

  • High rigidity
  • Ultra light weight
  • Low moment of inertia
  • High resonant frequency
  • Thermal stability
  • Low flatness dynamic PV
  • Nontoxic (replacement beryllium)

The ultra fast Mersen mirrors are used in high-end markets:

  • Geodesy
  • Scanner systems airborne and space
  • Materials processing by high power laser UV-IR (machining, marking additive manufacturing ...)
  • Wafer inspection, metrology, topography
  • Ophthalmology bio / medical
  • Streak cameras, applications referred
  • Security systems
  • Sensing applications (LIDAR)


Our expertise is based on a thorough knowledge of the scanning lase r industry and a thorough understanding of the needs of designers s ystems laser heads and optical scanning devices, but also the constraints and limits of performance Conventional optical scanning devices.

Moreover, strong mastery of a wide range of laser applications solutions, we are experts in the development of high-performance optical systems for specific applications.

Source: www.mersen.com

Canon Canon imageCLASS D550 Laser Multifunction Copier
CE (Canon)
  • Duplex versatility with 2-sided copying, printing and scanning
  • It has copy and print speeds up to 26 cpm/ppm
  • Advanced print modes includes watermark, poster, toner saver and page composer
  • It has 250 sheet front loading paper cassette plus single sheet multipurpose tray
  • It has single cartridge system for cost efficient supplies replenishment

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Riegl USA launches pulsed laser mirror scanner.: An article from: Manufacturing Automation
Book (Vital Information Publications)
Adesso Adesso NUSCAN 3200U Document Barcode Scanner
CE (Adesso)
  • Less Harmful to your Eyes
  • Supports scan fields as wide as 6-Inch and 16-Inch deep, scanning at a rate of 80 scans per second.
  • The Patented Optical Laser Technology reduces electromagnetic interference, reducing the chance of signals getting skipped and misread.
  • Better Shock-Proofing and Durability
  • Windows 7/Vista/XP/2000  & Mac OS X
Cobra Cobra iRadar iRAD-100 Radar Detector for iPhone and iPod touch
Car Audio or Theater (Cobra)
  • High Performance detector that detects all radar & laser guns currently in use
  • Provides 360 degree protection
  • Free downloadable iRadar App to sync additional features with your iPhone
  • iRadar App Displays Visual Alerts from the Detector on the iPhone and cues driver on all detected speed and red light cameras
  • Additional iPhone features include: View alert history on the radar map view, ...ogging to keep track of frequent speed trap activity, speedometer, and compass
  • Detects all radar and laser guns
  • Connect to iRadar using your phone's Bluetooth connection
  • Provides 360 degree detection
  • Reduce false alerts with City/Highway Mode
  • iRadar is the most innovative, technologically advanced, and user-friendly detector device ever created.
Adesso Inc. Optical Laser Barcode Scanne
Network Media Player (Adesso Inc.)
  • Ship to United states only
  • Average processing time 2-5 business days
  • Average ship time 3 business days
  • PID 783750003209

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