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Telescope-Express: GSO 200mm f / 4 Newtonian - 2 "Dual Speed ​​Crayford
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TS 8 "F4 GSO Newtonian telescope - optical tube with tube rings and finder ... Aperture 200mm - Focal Length 800mm - f4 - 2 "Crayford focuser with micro reduction ... light-powered telescope for visual observation and astrophotography

Newton Teleksope of GSO are known worldwide for excellent optics. Include our experience of GSO mirror telescopes of the best telescopes in this price range. Due to the very sharp diffraction-limited primary mirror and the excellent stable mechanical processing this Newtonian telescope is our recommendation for astrophotography and also for visual observation of the night sky.

This GSO Newton is one of the TOP Recommendations This telescope offers features that are hardly found elsewhere in this combination.:

- Pin-sharp optics with an above-average image quality - 94% reflection at the main and secondary mirror for a brighter, high-contrast image - Large-sized 70mm minor axis secondary mirror with good illumination - Stable Stahltubus instead of soft aluminum tube for better adjustability - 2 "Crayford focuser with 1:10 micro transmission - compression ring 2" and 1.25 "accessories - Enough focus distance to all commercial use coma correctors - Carbon tube for retrofitting - for ultimate transport

The exact 2 "Crayford focuser with 1:10 micro setting:

For this Newtonian telescope we offer the 2 "Crayford focuser with 1:10 micro integrated setting at. Excerpt This works even with heavy accessories such as Astro cameras very accurately. With some experience, you can achieve setting accuracies of 0.08 mm, which is also very high-resolution sensors is sufficient.

The extension is fully compatible with the optional TS focus motor system. An engine takes over the focus. This is an absolutely jitter free and accurate focusing for observation and for photography possible.

Main mirror ventilation for faster cooling down:

The primary mirror is made ​​of optical carrier and stress-free homogeneous BK7. In order to achieve rapid cooling of the primary mirror is equipped with a fan. So similar Auskühlzeiten be reached much more expensive glass materials. On the quality of the image so the support of the primary mirror has no effect.

Parabolic primary mirror:

GSO is known worldwide for manufacturing a very high quality of the optical elements. The Newtonian primary mirror of the optical glass BK-7 are free of tension and provide a picture that is usually even much better than diffraction limited. The surface is coated with a 94% forced reflection and a protective quartz layer. The primary mirror has a central mark as Justierhife.


- Aperture 200mm / 800mm focal length / aperture ratio f5 - 94% enhanced mirroring for a brighter image - Secondary mirror diameter ... 70mm in the minor axis - Fully lit field ... 25mm to 100% / 90% 38mm - perfect for SLR cameras with APS-C sensors - Weight ... 8.7 kg with clamps and viewfinder - Diameter of the tube ... 230mm - Length of the tube ... 730mm - 2 "Crayford focuser with 1:10 micro setting


Aftermarket Auto Parts 2002-2012 Ford Econoline E250 E350 E450 E550 Van Manual Telescopic Dual Post Black Textured Folding Telescoping 2-Arm Rear View Mirror Set Pair: Left Driver AND Right Passenger Side (2002 02 2003 03 2004 04 2005 05 2006 06 2007 07 2008 08 2009 09 2010 10 2011 11 2012 12)
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In an effort to reduce lane-change accidents, some automakers are trying radar to eliminate blind spots that could conceal an adjacent vehicle.
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Aftermarket Auto Parts 1999-2004 Ford F250 F350 F450 F550 Super Duty Pickup Truck Power Towing Tow Telescopic Dual Arm Rear View Mirror Left Driver Side (Single-swing Type, Telescoping With Round Plug, F-250 F-350 F-450 F-550) SuperDuty SD (1999 99 2000 00 2001 01 2002 02 2003 03 2004 04)
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