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"Making Mirrors" by Gotye is the album Pure Charts the weekend

Saturday, April 7, 2012 6:40 p.m.

Pure Charts offers more than three years of chronic audio album to listen every weekend. Over a period of 5 to 7 minutes, they allow you to quickly find albums with numerous excerpts and comments. Since the end of March, you will find these columns via an article for not missing a single review! This week it is the turn of the new installment of Gotye.

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Wouter De Backer, aka Gotye, in February, his new album "Making Mirrors". Supported by "Eyes Wide Open", "Somebody That I Used to Know", "I Feel Better" and "Easy Way Out", the album remained at the top of the UK charts for several weeks last month. The disc works pretty well overseas (sixth Top Albums iTunes) and France (tenth in the Top Albums France). Listen to our audio review of the album "Making Mirrors" by Gotye:

Gotye recorded "Making Mirrors" in a barn in Victoria (city in south-eastern Australia), on land belonging to his parents. The multi-instrumentalist artist is closely watched and enjoyed the land of kangaroos. There, the album is already triple platinum, and his talent and voice regularly compares Sting and Peter Gabriel.

"This is an album of meditation"

"Making Mirrors" features elements of dub, folk and Motown. "This is an album of meditation, we can have a vision of yourself in the mirror and how it can change the way we perceive things around us, " explained the artist. Very personal to the image of the song "Somebody That I Used to Know", the album is a kind of synthesis of past experiences singer. In an interview for ABC (shortly before the album's release) Gotye lit the press on the subject of his romantic relationships: "It is not a particular relationship but a window on a variety of experiences I have been on break. This is one of the most thoughtful pieces of my "bits. artist 31 years admitted to the Australian Rolling Stone magazine have gone through periods of indecision and depression when he was working on the album.

Gotye began his career with The Basics, an indie pop duo he formed with Kris Schroeder in 2004. Four albums and many concerts later, he started alone on the music scene. The Belgian-Australian musician wins first popularity in the Netherlands, with the album "Like Drawing Blood" (gold in 2006). But it was his hit "Somebody That I used to know", recorded with the New Zealander Kimbra, which allows him to gain international fame.

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