Broken Mirrors Meaning

Breaking a mirror brings bad luck?

Breaking a mirror brings bad luck?

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Who has not heard that breaking a mirror will have seven years of bad luck? To stand admiring himself in a mirror is broken even worse: it means breaking his own soul? That one should also look into a mirror to light the candles? You should not let someone else look in the mirror while you?

There are several myths and folklore that may provide clues to this superstition. A good example is the Narcissus myth in ancient Greece. The beautiful young man died of starvation trying to fondle her reflection in the lake to have fallen in love with himself. The meaning of the myth is that beauty, like the reflection, is ephemeral and transient and breaking the image may represent death. Even in ancient Greece there was a method of divination called catoptromancia, which consisted of using a shallow glass or earthenware bowl with water to reflect the image of the person who wanted to know their fate. If during the session container fell and broke, meant that the person would die or would spend days catastrophic.

The Romans added to this custom that bad luck would last for seven years, long believed to be necessary to start a new human life cycle. The panic of the possibility that the image was broken existed because it was believed that the reflection was the very soul. From here came the legends about vampires do not have their images reflected in a mirror.

In the sixteenth century, Venice in Italy, when the first mirror, being expensive objects, the servants to clean them were warned that the break would very unlucky.

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He who broke her

2011-01-14 00:16:54 by OhRoarke

Who was she before
he met her
and made her think
that even for a few seconds
there would never be any pain
why does she clench her fist now
and grit her teeth
and paint blood over her wrists
is she trying to remember
the tiny pulse in her vein
she should remember that
he who broke her
is she who broke herself
painting mirrors with meaning
finding light in dark
she is broken, but healing
she is twisted, but he

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