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The Black Mirror (Story Arc)

See others chat mentioned British drama.

This is probably the first time I see England play it, before watching American TV drama of all.

Look before I heard a heavy taste, but taste is not what's important concept.

Later, a look, finally understand. Full of depressed mood but felt good to see. Season only three sets.

Introduction (reprint black mirror Chinese wiki's subtitle)

Charles Brooke to "The Guardian" explains the title of the program, said: "If technology is a drug - really felt like drugs - then it's side effects are in the end what is it? I drama" Black Mirror "will discuss this area - between pleasure and anxiety.

Title "Black Mirror" is you in every wall, every table, each can be found between the palms of things: TVs, monitors, smart phones. "

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1. "National anthem"

The story does not go into super-detailed written wiki.

Impressed after news spread that the Prime Minister said the word "damn Youtube." What kind of message on the network can pass, and pass too quickly.

Sometimes think this really necessary?

To Web2.0 and social networking sites, people share and share, report on their trip.

Wherever watched Facebook, playing games. Do not want to waste any second.

No mobile games to feel bored, do not even want to see the scenery.

Pull back.

After reading the mood is very depressed outcome.

I saw the finger broken hand feel weird, why the hand of the princess finds it?

A bunch of people watching it live, then smiled, onlookers. This is really bad taste.

Why look at it. I feel very sick, even though it will not curious to see, or do not want to see.

Under pressure in people being forced to have sex with a pig is what kind of mood the Prime Minister do? Light imagine I felt sad.

Although the Prime Minister by the people became more support, but the relationship with his wife on the verge of rupture.

But I've been thinking, in fact, when the Internet video transmission between the couple had not in fact go back ah.

2.1500 million points

In the setting of the future world, all things are need to spend points.

Includes food, watching large screen TV, skip advertising, on people show up (?) Earn way is constantly treadmill?

Someone fall in love with the beauty of the man in order to make the beloved woman to circle her singer dreams,

Contributed to the death of his brother inherited from the 15 million dot on her people show up.

But in the end she became a three piece movie star, sadness is not even a way to skip her actor starred in the movie ad.

He felt resentment, saved some money on the people show up, come up with a good blade hidden in the assessment before telling their grievances.


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2011-01-27 20:37:31 by 1I_W

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