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Decora tu hogar con espejos,¡dale luminosidad y profundidad! / Foto: iStockphoto Decorate your home with mirrors,light and depth give!/ Photo: iStockphoto

Text: Sofia Orsay
Mirrors are great tools to decorate.Strategically placed,can give light to a room,enlarge spaces and provide style. Discover these tips for choosing the right in each environment,and renew your home!Espejos de Pottery Barn / Foto:

These reflective elements provide light and depth to the environments.As explained interior designer Celia Berliner to specialized portal HGTV home,"are decorative windows,you can move wherever you want.Mirrors have the ability to reflect and emphasize views and colors of frames or walls adjacent to create different effects,"said the expert.
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Put mirrors in the rooms you want to visually expand. According to Berliner,it is extremely important to choose the location of these decorative elements.Espejo de Bloomingdale’s / Foto: You must make sure that does not reflect anything you do not like!
Place them in unusual places

These pieces are more versatile than we usually think and can do well in places you had not thought.According to the website Apartment Therapy decoration in the space above the stove,in the kitchen, which is usually particularly dark,a mirror reflects the available light and beautify the area.In addition,an ideal place to place a mirror is next to the dining table, because it will use a more subdued lighting to enjoy a nice dinner and a glass of wine in total relaxation.
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What is the correct mirror for you?
To choose the right model,first locate the perfect space and make sure that what is reflected is something you want to highlight.Then imagine the style and the ideal way to that particular site.Ask yourself if it would be better a large rectangular mirror,to a living room,for example,or an oval mirror for strategic somewhere in the hall or under the stairs,or several small mirrors,which will catch the light and reflect color the opposite wall.Once you are clear about the style you want,salt shopping!

Mirrors grouped

Use several small or medium pieces is a good alternative to a large,and often less expensive.But beware that go well together!To unify,their frames painted the same color,or choose those beveled edge,as the model Eleanor,the Pottery Barn online store.
Mirrors Pottery Barn / Photo:
A small environments,large mirrors!

Mirrors are a great tool to create the illusion of space and depth in small spaces. A good tip is to place a mirror on a wall horizontally rectangular inconspicuous, like behind the sofa or in a room with little traffic during the day,as a bedroom.Immediately,this wall will make the room look more spacious.Try a model like the brand John Rocha at Waterford,you find online at Bloomingdale's.
Bloomingdale's Mirror / Photo:
Looking for unique pieces

Espejo de Z Gallerie / Foto:


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What shape/size mirror for bathroom?

2010-02-14 17:16:41 by crepuscula

This bathroom has the original 50s tile, which I like, but the mirror is really icky and has got to go. I want a smaller mirror, but don't want something ultra modern that will clash with the rest of the bathroom.
Also, there is one sink, so two side by side smaller mirrors would be weird, right? Yet just one small mirror over the sink only would be weird. And one centered mirror would seem off balance, too... right?
Thanks for ideas and suggestions.
P.S. I'll deal with the light fixtures later.

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