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Halogen wall mirror | Great choice
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Wall mirror with halogen lighting are a shining example of modern mirror design. The warm glow halogen lamps ensure a uniform soft illumination of the mirror image and an atmospheric ambience. The halogen lamps shine like little stars through the frosted fields in the mirror surface. Let yourself be inspired by the radiance of the halogen wall mirror and put your four walls in a whole new light!

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What shape/size mirror for bathroom?

2010-02-14 17:16:41 by crepuscula

This bathroom has the original 50s tile, which I like, but the mirror is really icky and has got to go. I want a smaller mirror, but don't want something ultra modern that will clash with the rest of the bathroom.
Also, there is one sink, so two side by side smaller mirrors would be weird, right? Yet just one small mirror over the sink only would be weird. And one centered mirror would seem off balance, too... right?
Thanks for ideas and suggestions.
P.S. I'll deal with the light fixtures later.

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