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Plastic welding is a set of techniques used to weld two pieces of plastic . The choice of a particular technique depends on the type of plastic used, the geometry of the parts to be assembled, the welding cycle time required and the cost means to implement. These welding techniques are based on local heating of materials to be welded. The heating of materials is depending on the technique used, either by external heat or by heat generation caused by the process itself. Only thermoplastics are therefore welded by these techniques.

The hot blade welding involves positioning two plastic parts which are above each other, leaving a space of about 1 cm therebetween. Introduced in this space is a heated mirror which on both sides. The two plastic parts followed by contacting the mirror until the temperature of the material has reached its melting surface. When the melting temperature is reached, simply remove the heated mirrors and bring together two plastic parts with each other for a few seconds. After a few seconds to cool the weld is made.

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Welding Ultrasound is a fast and economical assembly technique for hot melt materials such as plastic . This method is easily applied to polymers in organic low melting point 200 ° ( Acrylic , PE , thermostable fibers ...) parts assembly requires more technical parameters (time welding longer, profile and type of horn , power and range of frequency of use).

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High frequency vibrations are sent to the two parts by means of a tool called vibrating sonotrode or welding head. The welding is done using the heat generated at the interface of two parts.

The necessary equipment has

  • A fixing device for holding the workpieces
  • An electromagnetic transducer or converter will generate the high frequency waves
  • A horn for transmitting the ultrasonic welding parts


Swissco Swissco Clear Acrylic Hand Held Mirror 1X/10X, 8.1-Ounce
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