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GUITAR. COM - PRESENTATIONS - DNG the comet LIGHT BY BRICE Delage SEEDS OF GUITAR 2013 violin dng comet light by Brice Delage seeds guitar 2013

I am particularly touched to continue this long story by Greg DNG for several reasons. The first is that Greg is one of the first luthiers with Alain Quéguiner and Mike Lewis who helped me during the birth of to find my place in the circle of luthiers.

The second reason is that I have never seen Greg on a show since the good old days where we had Musicmania with LABEL GUITAR (association luthiers), created THE booth makers of the show, a first at the time!
Booked and overbooked by repairs to the Paris studio he shared with Nicolas Petibon, his own creations are rare, very rare. The model he created especially for seeds Guitar is an exclusive that I am proud and pleased to present.

The latest is that Greg is one of the most competent and most recognized in the varnish guitars luthiers. Greg DNG have a living room is a great honor and I do not hide that I had to fight to convince him!

Greg thank you to you for answering this with this great comet, a single model, the finish is just incredible with this acrylic mirror and black satin varnish Logwood!

A breathtaking beauty that is the image of a very high standard our luthiers are capable of achieving.

Do not hesitate to knock on the door of 71 rue de wattignies in the 12th in Paris, his studio he shared with Nicolas to seek the skills of a luthier who did so much to create.

Brice Delage is that we find in the video presented by Aël!

Jacques Carbonneaux - July 22, 2013


Acrylic Autographed Guitar Display Case -Horizontal-Mirror Back
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KID CORE KidsLAB M1014 Guitar Mirror
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Sendmeamirror Electric Guitar Clock Mirror (Dean Style) 30cm x 14cm (12" inches - longest measurement)
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  • Has a hook on the back for hanging
  • Takes 1 x AA Battery (Not supplied) CM TO INCHES CONVERSION. CMx0.39=inches (Example 12cm x 0.39 = 4.68 inches)
  • Supplied with instructions (easy to use). Please note the size is the longest width and height, the shape is then cut out of that overall size.
  • Silent Tick, safety mirror, great for all environments (mechanism not water resistant)
JW PET COMPANY 2 Pack Bird Toys Plastic Acrylic Jw Pet Company Activitoy Birds Toy Guitar
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  • The Activitoy Guitar will bring out the rebel rocker in all little birds.
  • This interactive toy features tiny plastic beads that spin around the head of guitar for lots of in-tune fun.
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  • Three bells dangle from the instrument's base, attached to beads that can be pulled up to make them ring.

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